“Take me on a trip upon your magic swirling ship”

Avevo otto anni, quando costruii il mio primo modello. Da allora ho esplorato l’universo del modellismo in tante direzioni, dagli aerei in plastica ai diorami, dalle navi in legno alle miniature. Dedico questo blog a tutti quelli che seguono la scia dell’immaginazione.

I was eight years old, as I built my first model. Since then, I have explored the universe of model-building in a number of directions, from airplanes to dioramas, from wooden ships to miniature figures. This blog is devoted to all those who follow in the wake of imagination.

H.M.S. Prince - Riggings_bright
H.M.S. Prince – Riggings
Dardo - Detail of the dining table_2
Dining table in the saloon of a nineteenth-century ship

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Tutte le fotografie del blog sono state realizzate da Patrizia Piredda.

All picture in the blog were taken by Patrizia Piredda.

Buona visita a tutti!

Enjoy your visit!


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